Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Laundry Room Staining From Storm

How to keep tile from staining from a flood or water loss. Ceramic tiles are great to have in the laundry room. They are easy to clean and will not mold if they... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Home

Flooding Ruins Carpet in Middlefield During a rain storm this home suffered a flood. The carpet and pad was placed over old flooring which was not thoroughly cl... READ MORE

Dining Room Storm Damage

Storm Damaged Wood Floors This dining room was damaged when outside water was forced into the home. The storm drain outside was blocked with debris and the wate... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Damage

Flooding in Bainbridge, OHThis basement was flooded by storm water caused by the recent severe rains. The water poured into the basement and the homeowners did ... READ MORE

Recreation Room Damaged by Storm

It's No Fun To Have a Flood This recreation room needed to have its flooring removed after it flooded. The floor was just vinyl tile but the flood water had got... READ MORE

Middlefield Laundry Room Water Damage

This laundry room had a lot of water damage from recent flooding. This room is lower than the other rooms in the home and the flood water gathered there bringin... READ MORE